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Windshield Replacement – DIY or Professional Help?

It may be a chip or crack that cannot be repaired. Possibly an accident has caused serious damage to your vehicle, and the windshield has got to go. Windshield replacement is not one of the most complicated, nor costly automobile repairs out there. In some cases, you may be able to turn a broken windshield into a Colorado Springs afternoon DIY project.

You will need to make sure you have a basic understanding of the process. You’ll need to find a replacement windshield and may have to purchase a few specialized tools and adhesives. And if you’re smart, you won’t go at it alone. A friend or two will make the job safer and easier. Even if it costs you a case of beer later that evening!

Feeling Brave? DIY Windshield Replacement

First you’ll need to find a suitable replacement for your broken windshield. You can probably find a shop in town that will sell you just the windshield. Or you can go online and buy the glass as well as the tools, sealants and primers that you will need to do the installation at home.

Once you’ve got your new windshield, you’ll have some basic preparation to take care of. You’ll need to remove the wipers from the windshield as well as the side and rear-view mirrors. This can usually be easily accomplished with a screwdriver and a wrench. Truck Back Glass Removal

The trim around the windshield needs to be removed. A specialized tool designed just for this may be necessary, but should be in stock at your local automotive parts store. Once the trim is gone, the sealant that is affixed to the glass will need to be removed, taking care not to break the glass as you cut it away. Some automobiles have a rubber gasket that will need to be taken out. If it is not damaged, it may be possible to re-use it.

Push the damaged windshield from the inside out, or use suction cups to pull the glass from the frame and onto the hood of the vehicle. You’ll find that engaging the services of a friend (or two) will make a DIY windshield replacement project infinitely easier. Move the broken windshield away from the work area.

Check the inside of the windshield frame for rust, dirt or other debris. Sand away any rust and apply a primer if necessary. It’s advisable to apply a thin layer of primer around the edge of the new windshield as well. When the primer is completely dry, you are ready to put the urethane adhesive down. The easiest way to do this is to use a specially designed electric caulking gun.

Making sure that the new windshield is properly aligned, carefully move the glass into place. It is important that no dirt or dust come into contact with the windshield, the adhesive and the frame as this will weaken the integrity of the finished product. Using gloves reduces the chance of contaminating the bonding areas.

Go Pro. When You Should Call the Shop

Rarely, a windshield will have to be specially ordered and have unique installation requirements. If you are driving an expensive import or a golden oldie, you may have to approach an auto glass shop to find the glass specific to your vehicle. In this case, it may be better to let a professional installer order the necessary supplies and do the replacement for you. If you are looking for the best auto glass Colorado Springs has to offer, look no further than Auto Glass Pro Shop. http;//

What Is Auto Glass Fraud And How To Avoid It

How To Make Sure Your Auto Glass Repair Was Done Properly

Let’s face it no one likes to feel ripped off. Whether it is in business, sales or in life, you don’t want to feel like the other guy got one over on you.

Auto repairs of any kind seem to be one of those areas of business where the consumer always feels a tad bit distrustful. Not skilled enough to debate with the one doing the repairs whether something is necessary or being done properly most of us don’t want to have to pay for things twice.

In this article we are going to discuss how to properly avoid auto glass fraud, a growing problem.

What Is Auto Glass Fraud And How To Avoid It

Basically what auto glass fraud are people attempting to sell you auto glass whether you actually need it or not. Being the silly rube that you are you’ve probably experienced this before and not even realized it.

Maybe you’ve seen somewhere saying that they had free auto glass repair or perhaps they go door to door but on occasion these crafty salesman may cross your path.

They will pitch a yarn about seemingly insignificant scratches and dings to your windshield and how you are eligible to have your windshield replace.

They might tell you that your insurance company will fully reimburse you for this. This is where you need to use some common sense. Don’t let these silver tongued sales people talk you into purchasing you aren’t even sure you need or will actually have covered.

The question is: how do these people know what my insurance will cover?

But really where the fraud part comes in is when these salesmen will convince you to file a claim for a windshield that is almost perfect condition. When this happens you are committing an act of fraud and you need to watch out.

This type of fraud is becoming a problem and it appears to have been starting up in Kentucky– so much for southern hospitality.

Regardless, be on the lookout for door–to–door auto glass salesman or even the occasional person that is selling windshields out of the back of his truck in a parking lot.

Even if the person is just selling a few junked windshields at a low cost of installation you need to be wary of the work that they do.

If they do a poor job installing your windshield you may find yourself crushed under a piece of glass if you ever get yourself in a car accident.

So don’t add to the misery of being hit by a speeding metal monster on the expressway by being pinned under a sheet of safety glass because you wanted to spend $20 on auto glass repair.

In Conclusion

Be wary of door-to-door auto glass salesman and use common sense if your windshield looks fine it probably is. You could be engaging in insurance fraud if you replace it with no actual need.

Be careful of strange auto glass repairers in parking lots. They may be able to offer you a good price but the installation may be done half heartedly and cause you problems later on. Make sure the workmanship is warrantied against any air or water leaks

The Ins and Outs of Auto Glass and Windshield Repair

A reliable windshield is an essential component in your vehicle. Special consideration goes into the design and installation of automobile frames, tires and interior features. The same is true of auto glass and your windshield. But what makes auto glass different from the windows that we look out of, and the glasses that we drink from? Here’s an overview of the features that make auto glass unique and keep us safe behind the wheel.Your windshield is made of laminated glass, and it’s not just a window to watch out for who is in front of you. It’s an important safety feature in any car or truck. Your windshield  protects you and your passengers from flying debris and the elements. Automotive safety standards and laws state that in the event of an accident or collision, a vehicle’s windshield must remain in one piece. It may be cracked to pieces; but it must not

Obviously, laminated glass has been designed to withstand much more abuse than the glass that went into making your bedroom window. Laminated glass is made of layers of glass that have been fused together with a layer of film called polyvinyl butyral, or PVB. Intense heat and pressure bond these materials together and give laminated glass it’s exceptional strength.

Tempered glass is used for your vehicle’s side and back windows, and side mirrors. Tempered glass is strengthened through a series of heating and cooling cycles. This compresses the glass and gives it it’s tensile strength. Tempered glass does not shatter into jagged pieces like normal glass does when it breaks. Instead, it collapses into many small, often square, dull pieces.

Tempered and laminated glass are slightly different, but they work together to maintain your vehicle’s integrity in an accident or collision. Not only have they been made so as not to shatter and injure the vehicle’s occupants, they also they serve to support the overall structure of your car or truck. But in the event of a minor accident, or flying gravel hitting your windshield, you can end up with chips and cracks. What do you do then?

Repairing Damaged Auto Glass; DIY or Professional Options

It may be possible to repair damaged auto glass, depending on the nature and severity of the chips or cracks. Chips and cracks in auto glass are usually repaired with an inject able resin. The resin is used to fill the crack and then allowed to set. You can buy kits at your local automotive shop that will give you the opportunity to turn this into a DIY project. Alternatively, professional auto glass repair shops can do small repairs in under an hour.

If there are multiple, deep cracks in the glass, they are likely to continue to spread. Attempting to repair them may be a waste of money. You may have to replace the whole windshield a few months down the road anyway. Serious cracks or any damage that impairs your visibility will probably mean replacing the windshield. This is, of course a safety issue, and almost all countries have strict laws governing the standards to which a vehicle’s windshield must be maintained. Know the laws, and be sure to follow them!